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Kitten Enterprise is a cat's journey through an abandoned factory. The cat follows the mouse and ends up finding its creator through levels of of platforms and puzzles.


Game Designer & Lead Programmer: Adrienn 

Programmer: Stamen 

Sound Designer and Composer: Rachel C. 

Art Designer and Tech artist: Eliza "lunaberryl" 

Character model/Animation (MouseRobot): Greensoup 

Narrative Design & Writing: Monica Fan 

Narrative Design & Writing: Hanine El Mir 

Production: Crystal "Sprinkle_Theory" H.

Special Thanks to Flop for game concept

Game made with Unity and the  Amplify Shader Editor  plugin by Amplify Creations.

Install instructions

Download Instructions: 

  1. Download the game .zip file
  2. Extract the folder from the compressed folder
  3. You should be able to now open up your newly created folder and open "Kitten Enterprise.exe"


    KittenEnterprise.zip 65 MB

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